Follow the Steps Below to Sign Up & Register for Challenge of Champions 38

  1. Click this Link

  2. Click Register

  3. Click Sign up and then select General User

  4. Enter all required fields for competitor and click submit

  5. Click Add New Competitor

  6. Enter all required fields

  7. Select the competitor you would like to register and check events you would like to compete in

  8. Click Green Arrow and select your competing belt and scroll down and click submit

  9. Click Continue with Registration

  10. Select the upper limit to your weight class and click continue

  11. Check waiver box accepting terms and click continue

  12. To get the most our of our new software select Mobile Web App and Text Message Alerts.  This will enable you to see where you will be competing; match results and updates regarding the event

  13. Enter as many cell phone numbers and email addresses as you would like. The more people that would like to follow your competitor, the better. They do not need to attend the event in order to be a part of it. Check the box next to your competitor name and Click save

  14. If paying by cash or check click the link “pay by cash/check” read the statement and click yes and your application is complete. Submit payment to your Tiger Schulmann’s school.

  15. If paying by credit card Click Proceed Payment; enter your credit card info and submit.  You will receive your credit card receipt by email

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