Breaking out of her Shell

“Carmen broke out of her shell competing at the Challenge of Champions. Her confidence and self discipline has brought her to achieve her biggest goals and conquer her fears.”

First Challenge of Champions

“Joshua has always struggled with athletic activities and is wasn’t until he found Tiger Schulmann did he really find his passion.. His first Challenge of Champions left him feeling accomplished and confident. He looks forward to this event!”

Overcoming Fears and Doubts

“I have always feared new things, always doubted my strength and skills, quit when it became too hard. This mma match was the first time i really realized my progress and what i could do and that people could look up to me. That i could keep up with people more advanced than myself. Made me proud of my hard work and dedication, my non quitting spirit. Showed me anything is possible if i just believe.”

Challenge of Champions Family

“This is a photo that was taken at the June Challenge of Champions before both my children competed. Tiger Schulmann MMA and the COC has given my kids the confidence to go in and compete.”

Kicked Fear in the Face

“This was the day I conquered and faced my biggest fear and came out a warrior. It was one of the happiest days of my life. I competed for the first time in kickboxing, having only began taking kickboxing that year, despite be training for four years. I was crying from happiness and shock while I was fighting my last round, in the picture above, walking to my sensei’s ring to show him my first trophy, up until I got home and about two weeks after. I finally believed in myself and all that I had to offer. I left my heart and soul on the mat that day. No matter what happened in tournaments after, nothing could take back that feeling I felt that day.”

More than a Trophy

“When I began competing in The Challenge of Champions, It started off as a show case of skills. And then, many things happened in my life. My mom was diagnosed with lung cancer, my father passed from a traumatic fall. My life was flipped upside down in a matter of 6 months, and I believed it impossible to be able to overcome. When Junes tournament came around, my attitude for competing changed. The strive for first place very quickly changed to the desire to prove to myself how strong I am, If I was able to handle those things in my life and I could still push myself to fight with all of my heart, then I could do anything. I had someone thank me for fighting them, and helping them over come a terrible fear that they’ve had haunting them for years. I knew that the tournament was no longer for trophies, it was for helping others realize how strong they are and showing someone they can achieve amazing things. Just like all of my competitors did for me and the hardships I’ve been faced with.”

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